The guy behind Lisbon's most beloved mushrooms.

Meet Natan, from Nãm Mushrooms

You know by now that NÃM Mushrooms sprouted Delta Ventures and that was only possible because Natan Jacquemin’s vision to contribute to a more sustainable world, one mushroom at a time, aligned beautifully with our capability to bring it to fruition.

So here it goes: After wrapping up his Masters in Lisbon, Natan knew two things: one, he wanted to stay in our sunny country and two, he wanted to contribute to a more circular economy. Taking advantage of the Portuguese love for coffee, he had the brilliant idea to use its grounds to grow mushrooms.

We were in awe of his passion, boldness and creativity, so we knew this partnership would be one for the ages: when our CEO Rui Miguel Nabeiro had his first conversation with Natan he quickly realised he could help bring his project to life whilst increasing the product life’s cycle of Delta’s core business, coffee. From waste to taste – as he likes to say.

Nãm Urban Farm, the circular economy project we developed together, is currently producing four tons of mushrooms monthly, the equivalent of 12 tons of used coffee grounds distributed to over 100 restaurants across Lisbon (if you’re a foodie, chances are you had tasted his mushrooms before!). The space, located in Rua Amorim 11 in Lisbon, is open to the public to check out the entire production process, have a tasting, and a cup of coffee, of course.

A dreamer and a doer, Natan is continuously challenging himself to reach new heights. His long-term vision? To create a community of urban farmers that further promotes the circular economy. Hopefully, we will be with him every step of the way.