Key Highlights

Launched in 2018

How it all started

Steffi and Nils Schwentkowski knew one thing for a fact – in Portugal, one could have almost it all. There was one thing they felt was missing though: good craft sodas.

They were quick to realize they might as well create one (and a whole new market along with it). Leaving behind their stable careers in Germany, they embarked on the challenge of planning a business in a language they didn’t speak and with no connections to back them up.

Why Not Craft Soda & Delta Ventures

Launched in 2018, they were ready to take things to the next level when they joined our family in early 2020. With a huge production in stock and ready to hit the big market in the summer, everything seemed to be running smoothly until the pandemic hit and forced us to reassess everything. Together, we were able to hold the fort and make them feel safe and sound while we learned by trial and error what it truly means to create a new product category.

A true valuable partnership for both sides, Why Not Craft Soda brings along qualities we support wholeheartedly: authenticity, boldness and free-spiritedness.