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Pedro Sousa MaisHoreca
Key Highlights

Launched in 2020

How it all started

Knowing that the hospitality sector was one of the most affected by the pandemic was enough for Pedro Edris Sousa and Delta Ventures to come up with their unique solution: +Horeca.

Bridging technology and innovation, our goal was to make restaurants more efficient and competitive – so they could focus on re-building their operation. With better-invoicing software, IT platforms and hardware we made their jobs a whole lot easier. Pedro found our ability to go above and beyond to help our partners and our openness to new ideas to be his favourite part about working with us. According to him, the mutual trust established was vital for the partnership to last.

+Horeca & Delta Ventures

Also, because we had the connections and business know-how, we could easily implement a few things – like their excellent fidelity program which has 600.000 subscribers up until now!