We partner with start ups in one of these 3 areas

1New Consumer

Products, services and
technologies that enhance
the consumer experience
and transmute the market/


Solutions that create a high
impact on the planet's
regeneration; in a more
inclusive and balanced
society contributing to a new
economic model, such as
the circular economy

3Digital Transformation

Digital solutions
that streamline, optimize and
make our customers'
business more efficient

We aim to be a catalyst of start up success

Backed by Delta Cafés, one of Portugal’s most beloved companies, our focus is to strike the right balance between 3 important aspects of all business success in today’s world.




Our Manifesto

We stand for collective efforts challenging the norm - no dream is too big when like-minded people cross the same path.

We foster equal and impactful partnerships, strongly anchored in our insightful business know-how. We champion sustainable success - ethical, economically responsible and refreshingly human-centred.

Entrepreneurs are dissidents of the old way of doing things and as we support them every step of the way, we are bound to break boundaries. Here's to achieving extraordinary things.


Our start ups have pushed boundaries.
Challenged the status-quo.

Nam Mushrooms – Natan

NAM produces organic mushrooms using a circular economy process – hitting our primary value of sustainability. The process reuses coffee grounds which, as they have already been exposed to water at high temperatures, reduce the level of bacteria to a minimum, allowing the mushroom to absorb the coffee fibres and grow.

Why Not – Nils & Steffi

After spending some time in Portugal, Steffi and Nils realized the soda options were scarce, so they decided to do something about it. Their vision led to the birth of the first-ever craft soda in Portugal – an original, organic, locally produced, vegan and free from gluten beverage. Authentic, bold and free-spirited.

+Horeca – Pedro & Michael

The most complete and competitive technological solutions for the horeca channel. Mais Horeca bridges innovation and passion through a set of invoicing software, IT platforms and hardware. Paving the way with efficiency and transparency, they are able to increase clients value proposition and profitability.

A family you can count on, always.

Our multi-disciplinary team made up of business heads, strategists, commercial mavens & operational experts is available from day 1.

Do you want to be an agent of change?

Accepting applications until October 13th 2022