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NÃM Mushrooms

Founded by Natan, NÃM Mushrooms produces organic mushrooms using a circular economy process – hitting our primary value of sustainability. The process reuses coffee grounds which, as they have already been exposed to water at high temperatures, reduce the level of bacteria to a minimum, allowing the mushroom to absorb the coffee fibres and grow.

Why Not Craft Soda

Founded by Steffi and Nils, Why Not Craft Soda is an original, organic, locally produced, vegan and free from gluten beverage. A true valuable partnership for both sides, Why Not Soda brings along qualities we support wholeheartedly: authenticity, boldness and free-spiritedness.

Mais Horeca

The most complete and competitive technological solutions for the horeca channel. Mais Horeca bridges innovation and passion through a set of invoicing software, IT platforms and hardware. Paving the way with efficiency and transparency, they are able to increase clients’ value proposition and profitability – the cornerstone of digital transformation.

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