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Web Summit 2023

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Explore Delta Ventures’ exciting debut at Web Summit, featuring a wide range of captivating and interactive experiences at our booth.

Our 2 Stages

DV Pitch

We’re searching for the next entrepreneur(s) who will ignite a spark in our judges’ hearts and inspire them to pedal fast. Do you have what it takes to win their hearts and minds?

DV Connection

Immerse yourself in thought-provoking discussions with Delta Cafés’ management, industry peers, and startups from our portfolio.

DV Pitch

Showcase your 3-minute pitch, followed by a Q&A session, to senior management members of Delta Ventures and Grupo Nabeiro for an opportunity to win €10,000, join DV’s immersive boot camp, and explore potential collaboration with Grupo Nabeiro, one of Portugal’s most renowned companies. Application open until 10 November 2023.

Following the application period, DV will assess all candidates.
After a meticulous review, DV selects the Top 6 F&B Startups and the Top 6 Sustainability & Digital Transformation Startups to present in the DV Pitch Semi Final at the Web Summit.
DV will offer personalised guidance to all selected startups, assisting candidates to deliver their best at the Web Summit.
On November 14, all selected startups will present to DV’s Judge Panel at Web Summit. Six startups will advance to the final and receive each a mentoring session with DV.
On November 16, the top 6 startups will pitch to Grupo Nabeiro's board, including CEO Rui Miguel Nabeiro, at the Web Summit. The winner will be announced on the same day.

The Rules:

Pedals will be spinning as our four judges gear up during the pitches. Now, let’s roll into how the qualification process works:
  • If three or more judges keep pedalling until the pitch ends, the startup gets a green light for the Q&A round.


  • If two or more judges stop pedalling during the pitch, the startup doesn’t qualify, but receives constructive feedback.


  • In the semi-final, if all judges pedal continuously for 15 seconds post-pitch, the startup advances straight to the final without a Q&A.


  • During the Q&A, judges take a break from pedalling. It’s their time to ask questions without spinning the wheels.

Apply for DV Pitch Stage

DV Pitch is for you if you…
  • Have a startup in one of DV’s 3 Verticals (Food & Beverage, Sustainability and Digital Transformation)
  • Connect with DV’s culture
  • Have a ticket to attend Web Summit

DV Connection

A space for entrepreneurs to engage in face-to-face discussions with thought leaders and startups from our portfolio. It’s not just about knowledge transfer; it’s about fostering a vibrant community of innovators who share a passion for shaping the future of entrepreneurship.

Face to Face with the CEO

Rui Miguel Nabeiro

For 30 minutes, pre-selected startups will have the unique opportunity to engage in an open conversation with one of Portugal’s most influential CEOs, Rui Miguel Nabeiro, the CEO of Grupo Nabeiro.
Nov. 16: 10:30am – 11:15am

Learn From The Best

Ask Our Startups

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It’s not a competition.
It’s a community.

The secret of life is not in competing with others.It is in collaborating with one another, in giving before receiving, in building communities. We can only do so much alone. At Delta Ventures, we take great pride in our motto:
Fostering success together.