Web Summit 2023

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Our Web Summit debut was exceptional! From outstanding speakers, including a special appearance by our own CEO, Rui Miguel Nabeiro, to innovative startups, we immersed ourselves in vibrant conversations and witnessed impressive presentations. Furthermore, our collective kilometers raised a remarkable €7,040 donation for Café Joyeux’s inclusive job mission. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to making this experience truly unforgettable!

Our stand featured 2 stages

DV Pitch

In the quest for the next entrepreneurs who would inspire our judges to pedal faster, we discovered Peel Lab, which captivated us with an impressive plant-based alternative to leather.

DV Connection

We delved into thought-provoking discussions with Delta Cafés’ management, industry peers, and startups from our ecosystem.

Face to Face with the CEO

Rui Miguel Nabeiro

In this special gathering, entrepreneurs had the unique opportunity to engage in an open dialogue with Rui Miguel Nabeiro, one of Portugal’s most influential leaders. Over 45 inspiring minutes, the CEO of Grupo Nabeiro shared the company’s vision on innovation and startups, revealing the qualities he deems essential in a founder: resilience, humility, and trust.

Learn From The Best

Ask Our Startups

We Engaged the Startups in our Ecosystem

In true Delta Ventures style, we love to bring the start ups in our ecosystem together, break down barriers, demistify processes.

It’s not a competition.
It’s a community.

The secret of life is not in competing with others.It is in collaborating with one another, in giving before receiving, in building communities. We can only do so much alone. At Delta Ventures, we take great pride in our motto:
Fostering success together.