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March 19, 2024

Remembering our Patriarch Rui Nabeiro

One year has passed since we bid farewell to Mr. Rui Nabeiro on Father’s Day—a day that holds a special significance as he was indeed a fatherly figure to our nation. As we pause to mark this anniversary, we find ourselves reflecting not only on his accomplishments as a business leader but also on the profound impact he had on all of us. His journey was not just that of a corporate titan but one of deep compassion and genuine care for others.

March 18, 2024

SWEE and Pedro Go to California!

Managing Director, Pedro Sá packed his bags for California on March 8th, but it wasn’t for a holiday. He was embarking on an adventure with our friends at Swee Friends, one of our cherished portfolio companies.

January 18, 2024

Pedro Sá’s Vision for 2024 DV’s Managing Director

Delta Ventures just unveiled its 2024 roadmap, and according to our new Director, Pedro Sá, a member of the Delta family for over six years, it’s a game-changer. Forget crystal balls – this vision is clear, defined, and brimming with potential.